This nest box for swifts has been built to an approved design and has been painted with an environmentally friendly paint.

This nest box has been built using FSC Certified Exterior Grade European Birch Plywood

Swifts spend as little as three months breeding in Ireland each summer before returning to Africa.


They have traditionally bred in the ins and outs of buildings but these sites are becoming scarce as increasingly in modern and renovated buildings, 


Swifts have been declining in Ireland and the UK by as much as a third in the past twenty years, one of the main reasons being the lack of nesting sites.


You can help these increasingly threatened birds by putting up our swift nest box to provide a safe comfortable nesting location.

Swift Box Single

  • The nest box should be placed at least 5 metres up under the eaves. There should be enough space at the front to allow the birds to swoop in.

  • Regular sized orders will be shipped by An Post.

    Due to a very large amount of orders, there will be a lead time of 14 days until your order would be shipped.