This nest box for sparrows has been built to an approved design and has been painted with an environmentally friendly paint.

This nest box has been built using FSC Certified Exterior Grade European Birch Plywood

Our Sparrow Terrace has been designed to provide much-needed nesting places for our endangered House Sparrows. Sparrows like to nest together in groups,

The sparrow nest box will come as three boxes together. They look like our tit boxes but sparrows like to nest near each other.

These boxes have a layer of water-based stain so if you would like it plain please specify when ordering so.

Sparrow Terrace Box

  • The nest box should be attached high up on a house wall, facing North or East so it will not get too hot in the sun.

  • Regular sized orders will be shipped by An Post.

    Due to a very large amount of orders, there will be a lead time of 14 days until your order would be shipped.